TIG & Stick Welders

Economical AC/DC Stick welding power source expands welding options while still providing precise, dependable control to get the exact heat you need - always. Made in USA.

Industry standard - Miller Electric pioneered the Maxstar-type market, now we've perfected it. Maxstar 200 Series provides a solution for a variety of needs; from simple to fully automated.

The Personal User TIG machine, the Diversion 165 is an easy-to-understand inverter-based AC/DC machine. Only three switches to operate: a power switch, a material selection switch, and an ampeage control/material selection switch.

Offers versatility and is a flexible and easy-to-use stick machine. Made in USA.

Designed for heavy industrial welding applications, with arc enhancements compared to the Dimension 452.

Maxstar 280 - Base model provides essential TIG and Stick functions and provides operator-friendly, menu-driven features. Maxstar 280 DX - The DX model adds extended ranges to sequencer and full trigger options, preflow and pulser functions.

Portability and excellent arc performance make the XMT family the most popular in the industry. The XMT 350 CC/CV is the most popular model for its flexibility and simplicity. Made in USA.