Wart MILLHOG is a portable right angle I.D. clamping pipe and tube beveling machine that features an efficient low maintenance design. Incorporating a gear drive that is fully supported by dual opposed tapered roller bearings and three heavy duty ball bearings. This gives the Wart the backbone to satisfy a wide variety of applications and is a favorite choice among boilermakers and pipe fitters. All components are made of the finest materials and parts subject to wear are heat treated for durability and long use. Sealed construction prevents debris from getting inside the tool, allowing use in any orientation. What's more the compact design requires a minimum of 2.625" to fit between tubes in a boiler tube waterwall.







Working Range 

0.75" I.D. - 4.5" O.D.
19.1mm I.D. - 114.3mm O.D.


Blade Series

 M-Series Blades 
Min. Width 2.625"
66.7 mm
Length 15.25"
387.4 mm
 1.25 hp
932 W
950 W
900 W
 90 psi
6.2 bar
120 V 
 40 cfm
1,133 Lt/min
50/60 Hz 
Cutterhead speed114 rpm
98 rpm
14-58 rpm
87 rpm
Working Weight21.5 lbs
9.8 kgs
22.6 lbs
10.3 kgs
Shipping Weight55 lbs
24.9 kgs
60 lbs
27.2 kgs
Shipping Dimensions24" x 20" x 6"
610 x 508 x 152mm
24" x 20" x 7"
610 x 508  x 178mm



  • Narrow body 2.625" (66.7mm)
  • Bevel, face and bore simultaneously
  • Interchangeable pneumatic and electric motor options
  • Patented clamp system, allows the clamps to release from a tube as easily as they tighten
  • Heavy duty ratchet wrench and knurled knob allows easy clamping and is perfect for limited access area
  • Bevel, face and bore simultaneously
  • Mounts ridgidly to produce a clean, continuous chip
  • Lightweight and requires no special training
  • Rugged dual-opposed tapered roller bearings support the gear drive for non-stop operation
  • EscoLock cutter blade holding system reduces vibration and maximizes the number of preps per blade