The Mini MILLHOG is a ruggedly built beveling machine with a spur gear drive train and bevels all tube and pipe alloys to 6.625” O.D. It’s combination of rpm and torque also make it ideal for tube stub removal and tube overlay and cladding removal. All clamping components including the draw rod are heat treated and provide the strength to rigidly secure the tool on the inside diameter of the tube or pipe. The EscoLock cutter blade holding system securely holds the cutters in the tool post and helps reduce chatter and produce a clean, continuous chip on most pipe and tube alloys without cutting fluids. Easy to operate and maintain, this tool delivers huge performance in a small package and is available with either a pneumatic or electric motor.







Working Range 

1.25" I.D. - 6.625" O.D.
31.75mm I.D. - 168.3mm O.D.


Blade Series

 M-Series Blades 
Min. Width 5.3"
134.62 mm
Head Length 14.25"
362.0 mm
 1.25 hp
932 W
1,800 W 
 90 psi
6.2 bar
120 V
220 - 240 V
 40 cfm
1,133 Lt/min
50/60 Hz 
Cutterhead speed55 rpm19-66 rpm 
Working Weight27.5 lbs
12.5 kgs
38.8 lbs
17.6 kgs
Shipping Weight65 lbs
29.5 kgs
75 lbs
34 kgs
Shipping Dimensions17" x 31" x 6"
432 x 787 x 152mm
24" x 20" x 7"
610 x 508 x 178mm



  • Tool rigidly mounts to the pipe or tube I.D.
  • Self-centering
  • Heavy Duty spur gear drive train delivers optimum rpm, torque and maximum durability
  • One mandrel covers the majority of the tool's range
  • EscoLock cutter blade holding system achieves chatter-free bevels on tough tube and pipe alloys
  • Removes tube stub welds for header preparation
  • Removes tube weld overlay and cladding
  • Torque-free operation
  • Choice of pneumatic or electric motors
  • Produces clean continuous chip without cutting fluids
  • Lightweight and simple to operate