Mechanized / Robot

200 amps of Cutting Power – This unit is capable of hand cutting at 200 amps with the ability to cut up to 2-3/4" (70 mm) on Mild Steel. At full output this unit will cut 10 ipm (254 mm/min) on 2" (51 mm) carbon steel. 

Last but not least, new materials and applications have opened up new performance standards and a wide range of applications for the MIG/MAG welding process, as has the increasing use of technically mature microelectronics and digital technology. Jobs with particular welding power requirements however call for a specialised variant of MIG/MAG welding: “TIME” welding. For very long weld seams with a large cross-section and a high deposition rate, the TIME process is currently the most economical solution.

Plasma or Fuel Cutting on heavy and thick plates, industrial grade and level

SubArc Portable Welding System is a ready-to-weld submerged arc system for pressure vessel, pipe and welding that requires positioning equipment which can adapt to your application.

Your gateway to CNC cutting! Low cost and Easy to use, ideal for companies who have never owned a CNC cutting table!

CMT Twin is based on the same setup as the tried-and-tested TimeTwin welding process: two power sources, one welding torch and two separate “leading” and “trailing” contact tips. Enhanced by the exceptional weld properties of CMT, CMT Twin scores top marks for its high welding speed and easy-to-use process control.